"Galatea" by C.D. Howe and Samantha Tankersley


C.D. Howe is a musician and artist that designs works at the intersection of instrument and installation. Working to create new rituals for the transhuman, he has explored interactive musical environments, spatialization installations, and biofeedback instrumentation. Samantha Tankersley is a dancer, choreographer, and dance educator who earned an Interdisciplinary B.F.A. from the University of Georgia, having presented an undergraduate thesis on the development of environmental awareness through movement.

Together, with Atlanta dancers Thomas Bell and Susanna Green, C.D. and Samantha are re-imagining the ancient Galatea/Pygmalion myth using an interactive wireless electromyography suit to create the soundtrack as performers comprovisationally move and rest. Muscle movement, brain waves, and heart rate captured by the biofeedback suit influence performers' choices in real time, confusing the distinction between creator and creation. ‘Galatea’ will entreat audiences to consider the computer/human relationship both literally and philosophically.

Galatea is an interdisciplinary, cross-institutional venture between the Center for Music Technology at Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia's Ideas for Creative Exploration.

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Friday, June 27 and Saturday, June 28
Performance starts at 9:00 PM
Gate opens at 8:00 PM
Sun sets at 8:52 PM

327 Sisson Ave NE
Atlanta, GA

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